Scouts Australia

Admin Newsletter

No. 7

July 2022


1.  Office Changes

We are very disappointed to share the news that Elaine Jury chose not to continue in the role of Office Manager with Scouts ACT.  We thank her for the important work she had commenced to analyse and re-design some of our admin processes.    Recruitment for this important role is being recommenced but in the current tight labour market it is expected to take some time to play out.  In the meantime the office workload is being shared between our dedicated existing staff, casuals and volunteers.  We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

 2.  Open invitation to Farewell Morning Tea for Rick Goode

 All welcome tomorrow, Tuesday 5 July, 10-11am, at Branch Office to say thanks to Rick Goode at the conclusion of six years as our Chief Commissioner.

 3.  Spring Blooms at Branch

 We’ve taken advantage of the Floriade in the Suburbs program and planted several thousand bulbs and annuals at Branch Office.  We hope that come spring we all have the pleasure of a glorious display of blooms.  Please don’t walk on any mulched areas when you come to Branch (you’ll squash the bulbs and seedlings). 

 4.  Extranet - Membership Modules

 As many of you will be aware, we have committed to installing new modules in Extranet to handle (with a great deal more automation than at present) the Membership application process for both Youth and Adult Members.  We are dependent upon Scouts Victoria - as the owner/operator of Extranet - to do the installation. They expect to be able to start this work for us a little later this year.  In the meantime, we are creating the two membership forms in Operoo.  As soon as these are up and running we will let you know and switch off the Youth Membership Application form in the Zoho Portal.  Please continue with current processes for now until we notify you otherwise.

 5.  Gang Show

 Don’t forget to book tickets for Gang Show.  The Chief Commissioner and President are thrilled to be hosting some local MLAs and the senior leadership of Guides among other esteemed friends at the Friday performance of the show (8 July).  See you there!

6.  Census

 Census is done and dusted. Thanks to all for your work to complete this important annual process. Invoices will be issued shortly to Groups and Rover Units to collect the Branch Fee based on census membership numbers.  If you anticipate difficulty paying the Branch Fee, please contact Executive Officer, Jo Legge-Wilkinson who will work with you to develop manageable solutions.

 7.  Property Insurance

 We will be invoicing you for your share of property and equipment insurance based on your inventory for last year.  The reasons for this are that the Branch Office simply does not have the personnel to conduct the usual round of data collection this year, and also we think it is a reasonable assumption that after two years of little/no fundraising (COVID) the inventory position of most groups is unlikely to have changed to any degree that is significant for insurance purposes.  The pro rata invoice for insurance will be issued in August.


8.  Bank Accounts

 A quick reminder that all Groups and Units should now be using their Bendigo Bank accounts. If you would like to add or change signatories to your Bendigo Bank account please complete this form by:

  • Completing the signatory’s details on page 1.
  • Signing and dating the appropriate section at the bottom of page 3.
  • Returning the original form to the Office. (Bendigo Bank will only accept wet signatures and original forms).
  • If a signatory has not already been identified by Bendigo Bank you will need to visit any Bendigo Bank branch with photographic ID (e.g., drivers’ licence). If a Group has a number of people needing to be identified, please let the Office know and we can request a representative of Bendigo Bank come to a Group meeting or similar.

If you need assistance please don’t hesitate contact Karen or Jo in the Office on 6282 5211.

 This newsletter is prepared collaboratively by Jackie Stenhouse (President) and Jo Legge-Wilkinson (Executive Officer). Please send feedback and queries to


Kind regards

Jackie and Jo

 Jo Legge-Wilkinson 

Executive Officer

89 Kitchener St, Garran ACT 2605 
T 02 6282 5211 M 0408 414 446

 Jackie Stenhouse


89 Kitchener St, Garran ACT 2605 
T 02 6282 5211 M 0411 151 375