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To our colleagues in Scouts ACT,


Notice is given, pursuant to Section 20 of the Branch Constitution, that the next meeting of the Branch Council will be held on Thursday 27 May 2021 at 7.30 pm via an online meeting platform.   All members of Scouts ACT are welcome to attend the Annual Council Meeting, but voting is confined to Council Members.   Please refer to the attached Frequently Asked Questions fact sheet for information about council membership.

Attached is:

  • a letter of invitation to Council Members
  • an FAQ Fact Sheet about the Council Meeting
  • a copy of Branch Policy 2.16 on the conduct of the Annual General Meeting of the Branch Council and its accompanying Schedule
  • nomination packs for the Branch President and roles on the BEC
  • nomination forms for Branch Supporters
  • the meeting agenda.

In the next days and weeks we will distribute links to both the voting platform and the meeting, the minutes of the previous Council Meeting, the Branch Annual Report and the Financial Statements.  This information will be distributed by email to individuals, and via Scouts IT.  Reminders will be posted on Facebook.   Forms and other information will be available on the Scouts ACT website.

We ask that as a matter of priority Groups check and update information in Extranet now, so that we have current contact details for all Council Members.  This may mean initiating action to have Committee Presidents, Treasurers and Secretaries formally appointed as Adult Members of Scouts ACT.  The attached FAQ sheet provides helpful information, and we welcome your enquiries if you need more information.

Jackie Stenhouse

Branch President

89 Kitchener St, Garran ACT 2605 

T 02 6282 5211 F 02 6260 5089

agenda_for_2021_scouts_act_agcm.pdf agenda_for_2021_scouts_act_agcm.pdf (Tue May 18 14:16:05 2021)

2020_scouts_act_financial_report_signed_jb.pdf 2020_scouts_act_financial_report_signed_jb.pdf (Thu May 20 17:21:06 2021)

act_scouts__management_letter_2020.pdf act_scouts__management_letter_2020.pdf (Thu May 20 17:20:43 2021)

policy_on_the_conduct_of_the_agm.pdf policy_on_the_conduct_of_the_agm.pdf (Thu Mar 4 19:05:35 2021)
schedule_1_-_policy_on_the_conduct_of_the_agm_2021_version.pdf schedule_1_-_policy_on_the_conduct_of_the_agm_2021_version.pdf (Thu Mar 4 19:25:15 2021)
nomination_pack_-_bec_members_exc_president.docx nomination_pack_-_bec_members_exc_president.docx (Thu Mar 4 19:06:35 2021)
nomination_pack_-_branch_president.docx nomination_pack_-_branch_president.docx (Thu Mar 4 19:17:23 2021)
supporters_nomination.pdf supporters_nomination.pdf (Thu Mar 4 19:23:46 2021)
letter_to_branch_council_on_agm.pdf letter_to_branch_council_on_agm.pdf (Thu Mar 4 19:07:27 2021)

scouts_agm_faqs.pdf scouts_agm_faqs.pdf (Thu Mar 4 19:39:01 2021)

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