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Scout Association of Australia ACT Branch Incorporated (Scouts ACT)

2022 Annual General Council Meeting

 Thursday 26 May 2022, 7.30pm (online)

 All members and friends of Scouts ACT are welcome!


To join the meeting please follow these steps:

 Go to this page at any time from now onwards, before the meeting, to register  (You will be asked for your name and email address only).

  1. You will receive a return email with your personal link to the meeting, and another reminder prior to the meeting.
  2. To join the meeting on the night, follow the link sent to you by the system (not the link above).


Agenda and Previous Minutes

The meeting Agenda for the 2022 AGCM, and Minutes of the 2021 AGCM are available.

agenda_agcm_2022_v8.pdf agenda_agcm_2022_v8.pdf (Thu May 19 22:02:18 2022)

amended_minutes_annual_general_meeting_of_the_branch_council_27_may_2021.pdf amended_minutes_annual_general_meeting_of_the_branch_council_27_may_2021.pdf (Thu May 19 22:01:51 2022)

2021 Financial Statements

The Financial Statements are available.

 scouts_act_financial_statements_2021_signed.pdf scouts_act_financial_statements_2021_signed.pdf (Thu May 19 22:02:46 2022)

2021 Annual Report

 The Annual Report for 2021 is Available.

scoutsact_annual_report_2021.pdf scoutsact_annual_report_2021.pdf (Fri May 20 14:29:34 2022)

2022 Election of BEC Members

candidate_information_agcm_2022.pdf candidate_information_agcm_2022.pdf (Thu May 19 22:49:17 2022)


scouts_agm_faqs-2022.pdf scouts_agm_faqs-2022.pdf


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