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Adult Recognition Awards

Adult Recognition Awards for exceptional service to the Association are made to persons who have given especially valuable service over a considerable period.

Awards are granted for service beyond the level of service normally expected of a person in carrying out the responsibilities of the appointment or position held as well as carrying out those duties to a high standard.

A distinctive pin for wearing in civilian dress is issued together with the first Award presented. This is a silver lapel badge based on the national logo.

Adult Reconition Award
Special Service Award & Meritorious Service Award

Nomination Form
Adult Reconition Award
All other Awards

Nomination Form
Rover Service Award

Nomination Form

2020 ARA nominations are to be submitted by Saturday 29th February 2020 to

Guidance For Nominating ARA Awards

The following guidelines should be considered when preparing an Adult Recognition Award nomination:

  • Adult Recognition Awards are awarded to Active Leaders, Young Adult members, Adult Supporters and Other Members who have given valuable service to Scouts Australia over an extended period. Such Awards are granted for sustained commitment to the Association, both within and beyond the Active Leaders, Young Adult members, Adult Supporters and Other Members designated role and responsibilities.
  • Many of the Awards are associated with periods of service, but under exceptional circumstances, the typical service period may be reduced to recognise highly intense / complex periods of activity and special effort.
  • Corresponding distinctive cloth emblems (for wearing on uniform) and certificates are issued with Awards. A silver arrowhead lapel pin for wearing in civilian dress, is issued when an Award is first presented.
  • A nomination may be initiated by any Member or formation of the Scout Movement and may be sent directly to the relevant Branch Chief Commissioner.


To be considered for an Award the Nominee should be demonstrating the following:

  • Carrying out the responsibilities of his / her current position in Scouting  or nonā€uniformed management role to the highest standard which contributes to Youth membership growth or to the wellbeing of Scouting.
  • Promoting team work and a positive attitude in mentoring fellow Adults in Scouting.
  • Demonstrating leadership qualities which inspire enthusiasm among other Adults in Scouting and/or Young Adult members.
  • Providing ideas for the future direction of Scouting and demonstrating how they can be implemented to contribute to the development of Youth and / or Adults influenced by his / her role.
  • For the higher Awards, contributing to the wider Association by involvement in activities beyond the level of responsibilities normally expected in the appointment or management role held.


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