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The Branch Youth Council is being formed to be a representative and advisory body to ACT Scouts. Comprised of youth members from Scouts, Venturers and Rovers, the Council will research and discuss issues of relevance to youth in Scouting, as well as serve as a youth advisory or consultative body to various bodies within ACT Scouts. Our members will be asked to participate in workshops to discuss relevant topics and research items for Scouting. We aim to have 4 youth members from the Scout, Venturer and Rover sections to represent their peers.

The BYC is a research and advisory council similar to local government Youth Advisory Councils and not a decision-making or governance council. It will look at issues that affect Scouting as a whole and suggest ideas for continued improvement and innovation. It will also work alongside other Scouting bodies such as the Branch Venturer Council and Branch Rover Council and national Scouting bodies such as the National Youth Council and National Rover Council, supporting those councils in the decisions being made for their sections.

As this is the first year the intake is going to be slightly different to future years. The intake will be split into 1 or 2 year terms. 

Your term length doesn't affect your standing on the BYC and doesn't stop you from re-applying but is needed to ensure a working BYC in the future.

The Scout, Venturer and Rover sections each have their own application process as developed by the sections themselves, which will open in a stagged approach.


Scout: Opening soon

Venturer Scouts: Applications close Wednesday 18th January, here is a link to an Application Form 2017 Application Form 

Rover Scouts: Opening soon

Please contact Calista at if you have any questions and please tell someone if you feel they should apply.


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