Scouts Australia

The ACT Government, through ACT Health has revised the rules around Covid, and therefore Scouts ACT has modified our advice to reflect the current situation   

These new arrangements take effect from the 16th April 2022.

We are still not free of COVID and are therefore required to follow the Covid Safe Plans laid out below:

covidsafe_scouting7.1.pdf covidsafe_scouting7.1.pdf (Sun Apr 17 12:55:49 2022)

covidsafe_plan_scout_hall7.1.pdf covidsafe_plan_scout_hall7.1.pdf (Sun Apr 17 12:54:24 2022)

covidsafe_plan_-_outdoor_activities7.pdf covidsafe_plan_-_outdoor_activities7.pdf (Sun Apr 17 12:52:18 2022)

covidsafe_plan_-_camp_cottermouth7.pdf covidsafe_plan_-_camp_cottermouth7.pdf (Thu Feb 24 19:56:05 2022)