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Scout members take part in a large range of outdoor activities that are managed by a qualified member of Scouts ACT. From time to time Scout members may even attend a local, national or international Scouting event.

Whilst the list below is extensive, it is just an indicator and does not cover every activity that Scouts ACT may undertake:

Abseiling, Adventure Based Learning, Amateur Radio, Archery, Bushwalking, Canoeing, Canyoning, Caving, Climbing, Challenge Ropes, Crate stacking, Cycling, Driving, Hillwalking, Kayaking, Mountain biking, Musical ensembles, Off-road cycling, Orienteering, Raft building, Rowing, Sailing, Scuba diving, Skiing, Snorkeling, Snowboarding, Swimming, Theatrical performance, Yachting – windsurfing, small boats, inshore/offshore, White water rafting; And much more…

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February 2019
Pfadfinder (Canberra's German-speaking scout group) and their young friends at the German Australian Playschool are keen to be green. We started by taking one or two environment-friendly green steps, and we got totally addicted!  We even won an ACTSmart Sustainability award, and were selected as one of their top three champions in 2018.

Like all scout groups, we already sort our rubbish and recycling. But we wanted to do more. The changes we make have a flow on effect to our families. We are so keen to be green that we have made over 50 further green changes to our operation.

To reduce electricity use, we have installed LED lighting, triple-glazed windows from LAROS, installed energy efficient reverse cycle heating with shut-off timers, solar space heating, instant hot water; we’ve stuck sticky fluffy stuff around the doors, replaced our fridge with a 5-star one from GumTree, curtained off areas we don’t need to heat, put up signage, installed automatic door closers, and only heat the inner rooms. This has reduced consumption by more than 5100 kWh, saved us $1100 per year and 4 tonnes of CO2.

To reduce landfill, we introduced cotton hand towels (saving us over 10,700 paper towels each year), we banned glitter and straws, use more natural or recycled craft materials, discourage single use plastics in packed lunches, gave away over 1000 books to the community to re-use, we have a uniform pool, we have only reusable plates and cutlery at all our camps and events, we organised a clothing swap and an upcycled fashion show. We have a whole rainbow of bins: mixed recycling, organic compost, various Terracycle programs, soft plastics, batteries, e-waste, the new container deposit scheme, and we even have a bin for.. (oh the shame!).. for landfill. BUT... we have already achieved a 75% reduction in our waste to landfill!

To reduce water consumption, like all scout halls, we have a 1000 litre rainwater tank. This is plumbed to our new half-flush toilets, and we have new quarter-turn taps that are easy for children to turn off. That equates to about 30% less water used.

To further reduce our footprint, we have bike parking, got rid of our chocolate fundraiser, looked at solar energy feasibility, made our patrol cooking nights green, and Australian Ethical Superannuation is our default fund for our German playschool staff.

We also educate our youth, leaders, preschoolers and staff. We run education sessions on recycling, reducing and reusing;  take the scouts camping and preschoolers on excursions into nature. We talk to the children about needs vs wants, and about eating fruit and sandwiches instead of packaged stuff.  Our scouts made insect hotels and bees wax wraps, and our preschoolers look after plants. We started up our ‘keen to be green’ tag on our webpage. We posted an online list for families to suggest more green steps.

And because we’re so keen to be green (and so awesome), we have a standing item on our monthly committee agenda:  ‘check out the ACTSmart website, and think up a new green initiative’.

Our goals for the future?  After taking these 50 steps, we are now pushing this out seriously to our core business: educating youth. Our youth will be taught more about reducing their waste and resource usage; and taught to think about their purchasing habits. Whenever we hear that families have made changes at home because of something they learned, saw or heard at our scout hall, we become even more motivated.  Our goal is to encourage all our families to implement changes at home.

We'd be happy to talk to other scout groups about what they can be doing to be greener, or you can email to see how you can be involved, and how ACT Smart can help your group.

A little video about some of our initatives can be seen here: 

July 2018
Scouts Australia ACT Branch, has opted into the Commonwealth  Redress Scheme which came into force on 1 July 2018. Further information on the scheme can be found at

Scouts ACT supports the Healthy Schools Network ACT 

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