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If you require a packed lunch please allow 1/2 hour after breakfast for making of own lunches. A group of 5 or more people should be rostered on as a Set up/Clean-up Crew for meal times during your stay.

All leaders/teachers are responsible for relaying this information to their groups/students and seeing that all instructions are adhered to.

Dining Room Rules:

Please be on time for meals. Meal times are negotiable to suit your itinerary but we suggest, Breakfast 7:30am, M/Tea 10.30am, Lunch 12.30pm, A/Tea 3.30pm, Dinner 6.00pm & Supper 9.00pm.

  • No hats to be worn in the dining room.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • No running or shouting in the dining room.
  • All meals to be eaten at the table.
  • Each person responsible for scraping and stacking their own plate.

Dining Room Procedures:

Set-up Crew

  • To arrive 15 minutes before all meal times.
  • To set each place setting with knife, fork, dessert spoon, glass. Serviettes, salt & pepper shakers on each table.
  • Fill cordial jugs, place on table.

Clean-up Crew

  • To return serviette holders, salt & pepper to cupboard. Spray and wipe down all tables.
  • Sweep floor.
  • Last meal of your stay: Chairs to be stacked, floor thoroughly swept.

Cleaning Procedures for Rooms

Please do not leave heaters and lights on when rooms are not in use. Our expectation is that all rooms and areas used by your group will be left clean and tidy on vacating. All cleaning products will be provided. (Schools can negotiate a different arrangement)

  • Quilts to be folded and placed with pillows at the end of each bed.
  • Straighten mattress covers.
  • Floors to be swept and mopped.
  • Shower cubicles to be cleaned and floor swept & mopped.
  • Toilets, hand basins & mirrors to be cleaned.
  • Empty all waste bins - Rubbish hopper situated near Office.
  • Turn all lights, heaters/airconditioners off & close all windows prior to departure.

Hall, meeting rooms and main kitchen to be vacuumed/swept, mopped and left clean and tidy. Equipment, chairs and tables to be packed away.

Following these procedures will avoid additional cleaning charges & enable the Shakespeare Centre for Scouting to continue to provide you with safe, clean and affordable accommodation.


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