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International Scouting

Scouting has always promoted international peace, understanding and cooperation through encouraging contact between young people from various countries and cultures. These international connections help young people develop a broader awareness of the global community, and assist them in recognising and respecting the differences that exist between the nations and races of the world… all whilst enjoying the common bond of Scouting!

All enquiries about International Scouting should be directed to our Branch Commissioner International Scouting:

Wendy Freeman

Information can also be found on the Scouts Australia International Facebook page.

Scouts International Student Exchange Program (SISEP)

The Scouts International Student Exchange Program (SISEP) is an educational and cultural exchange experience operated by Scouts Australia. It encourages international goodwill and understanding between Australia and other Scouting countries through the facilitation of an exchange experience for Venturer Scouts.

Further details about SISEP can be found on the Scouts Australia International Site.

International Pen Pals

Scouts Australia International Pen-Pal Program offers a means of communicating with other Scouts abroad and provides an "international experience" without necessarily having to leave town. The traditional concept of writing a letter has now given way to members all over the world from Hong Kong to Peru to UK to Zimbabwe requesting links with Australian Scouts online!

Have a look here for more information about the Pen-Pal Program.

International Letter of Introduction

Members of Scouts Australia travelling overseas and wanting to join with a local Scout Group overseas must apply for an International Letter of Introduction. This document provides evidence that your National Scout Organisation has approved your involvement in local Scouting activities. The International Commissioner of Australia will communicate with the host country to verify your membership of the association.

To find out more and register for an Letter of Introduction, head to the International Page.

Current International Opportunities

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