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Service Projects

The Service Group is responsible for assisting with maintenance and improvement of the campsite by undertaking a wide variety of projects. For example, projects could include things like painting the inside of the Kangaroo Flat Classroom, weeding around the Shakespeare Centre, or replacing broken bollards around the camping areas to name a few.

The Camp Cottermouth Service Group will undertake projects as agreed between the Group and the Camp Cottermouth Committee. Members of the Service Group may also propose particular projects for consideration. In addition small maintenance tasks can be agreed between the Camp Manager(s) and members of the Service Group.

Leaders (including Rover Crew Leaders) can organise a service activity for their youth members through the Service Group.

Current Service Tasks

Listed below are some of the tasks that need to be done to keep our Campsite in good repair and condition. These tasks can be done on regular Service Days or if you wish to contribute to the Campsite at any other time, please contact the Managers, Chris or Steve Rowley, on 6288 3270 to arrange a time that suits you and to ensure that the equipment you require is available.


* prickly weed eradication

* barrier fence maintenance and building

* gardening

* mowing

* trimming

* tree lopping

* spring clean the Kangaroo Flat Classroom

* painting

Shakespeare Centre

* wood chopping for Hall

* cabin deck oiling

* cobweb removal

* window cleaning

* change doona covers

* wash curtains

* cabin spring cleaning

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