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Welcome to Summer Camp2021, the premier event for Scouts in the ACT. Summer camp is held every three years in the January prior to the National Jamboree, which will be held in Elmore Victoria from the 4th to the 14th of January 2022.

This year’s Summer camp will be held at Camp Cottermouth with the major aim of assisting Scouts with their preparation AJ2022.

Whilst we would like to have all Scouts attend Summer Camp, due to Covid restrictions Summer Camp will be limited to 200 participants and therefore priority will be given to

  • Scouts who are likely to attend AJ2022
  • Cub Scouts linking in term 4

The cost for Summer Camp is for the entire camp, no reduction if you stay less

Scouts                                                            $160

Line leaders                                                      $60

Activity/Rovers/Venturers camping                     $40         Big Splash not included


The camp is self-catering so your group will send you a bill for this component.

Activities will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with Monday being an offsite day for all at Big Splash.  With the COVID restrictions each activity will have between 40-50 Scout members with Summer Camp attendance capped at 200. Registrations will be open to all and once closed, local unit Leaders will be involved in determining the final successful applicants.   This process will be completed by 20th December 2020 to allow notice to those unsuccessful as soon as we can. Any unsuccessful applicants will receive a full refund

All persons attending – Scouts, Leaders, Activity Leaders, Venturers will be required to book via OLIMS and cut off is the 15th December 2020.   No late registrations will be accepted and if you don’t register you cannot turn up at the event.  Substitutions will be allowed if a scout can no longer make it but you need to contact the Branch Scout Team to organise this.


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