Scouts Australia

About Scouts

Scouts provides young Aussies aged 5 to 25 with fun and challenging opportunities to grow through adventure. Scouting in Australia has over 66,000 members, making it the largest youth development movement in the nation. No other organisation offers such a diverse range of activities for young people across such a wide range of ages!

Today's Scouts can take part in an extraordinary variety of outdoor activities, from ‘traditional Scouting skills' such as camping and bushcraft, through to more extreme challenges such as abseiling, overnight hiking, rafting, canoeing, canyoning, snow activities, rock climbing, sailing, archery and even hot air ballooning!

Scouts can get involved in performing arts, leadership development, community service, amateur radio operation, environmental projects, large-scale Australian events such as Cuborees, Jamborees and Ventures, international events, and service projects in developing countries. Scouts also learn valuable practical skills such as first aid and cooking… and fun skills, like how to build a ballista and fire wet sponges at their mates!

Scouts ACT has a unique Youth Program that incorporates contemporary issues such as youth health, responsible risk-taking, vocational skills, and issues pertinent to Indigenous Australians, and offers an Award Scheme that encourages participation in the full range of activities available and provides recognition of individual achievement.

All our Scouts commit to a code of living as expressed in the Promise and Law.

There are two versions of the Scout Promise, either of which may be chosen by the individual

The Scout Promise:

On my honour, I promise                                                  

To do my best,

To be true to my spiritual beliefs,

To contribute to my community and our world,

To help other people,

And to live by the Scout Law


On my honour

I promise that I will do my best

To do my duty to my God, and

To the Queen of Australia

To help other people, and

To live by the Scout Law

Scout Law:

Be Respectful

Be friendly and considerate
Care for others and the environment

Do What is Right

Be trustworthy, honest and fair
Use resources wisely

Believe in Myself

Learn from my experiences
Face challenges with courage