Scouts Australia

Scouts (11-14 years old)

Our aim is to encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of young people so that they may take a constructive place in society as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities. We do this through age appropriate activities based on: ADVENTURE, OUTDOORS, CHALLENGE, SERVICE, GAMES, ACTION, FUN, HIKES, CAMPS, FRIENDS and PERSONAL GROWTH

Scouts is for young people aged 11 to 14 years. At this point in their lives Scouts show great enthusiasm for activities that give them a sense of achievement and follow their special interests with intensity. Trained Leaders use these characteristics to help make Scouting an experience in which young people gain character- developing qualities while having fun. During their years in Scouts they aim to earn a series of badges, which give them knowledge of basic Scouting skills and mark achievements in areas such as citizenship, camp craft, air and water activities and improving the environment.

Patrol System

This is the basis of the Scout Section and the principal means by which young people are trained to become responsible citizens. Baden-Powell, the Founder of Scouting, recognised that young people delight at forming themselves into small gangs or cliques each under its own leader whether for work, fun or mischief. He made use of this natural organisation and called it the Patrol System.

Boys and Girls are formed into stable Patrols of four to eight members. A Patrol Leader is appointed as head of the Patrol and is responsible for the training and development of the Patrol, setting and achievement of goals, fostering the group life of the Patrol, and the well- being and advancement of the Patrol to name but a few.

The Patrol Leader also chooses an Assistant Patrol Leader subject to the approval of the Troop Council and Scout Leader. The Assistant Patrol Leader takes the place of the Patrol Leader when they are absent and otherwise assists in running the Patrol.

The value in the Patrol is that it provides: 

  • The basic unit for activities and training
  • Opportunities for leadership experience for the Patrol Leader
  • Opportunities for the Patrol members to gain leadership training through observation of the Patrol Leader and by accepting responsibilities within the Patrol 
  • The opportunity to belong to and work in an autonomous group within the overall structure of the Troop 
  • A secure environment in which members can test their physical, social and mental abilities
  • Opportunities for practising and expressing concern for others
  • The opportunity to manage and administer Patrol property, finance and other resources 


A Troop is a group of Scouts who meet together on a regular basis. A Troop is composed of approximately four Patrols and should not contain more than 36 Scouts.

Scouts is action imagine exploring a mountain wilderness, soaring on warm air currents high above the earth at the controls of a glider plane, helping in emergency rescues, operating a radio station, photographing wild animals, sending coded messages, searching for gold, canoeing down a swift river, camping out bush, recording your own songs or sailing across the ocean with the salt spray in your face.

Scouting gives you the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of exciting activities. It also gives you the greatest opportunity of all - the opportunity to develop real friendships by sharing the experiences of learning, growing and exploring the world with others.

Action you create

Scouts aren't told what to do by adults. Your Scout Leaders are there to help you and give you direction but you are involved in planning your activities and making decisions with the other members of your Scout Troop.

Action to lead

As you learn and gain experience you'll discover not only more about the world around you and the adventures you can have, but more about working together and becoming a leader too. Under the guidance of your Scout Leader you can move up through the ranks to accept the challenge and adventures of leadership.

Action in a Patrol

As a Scout you will become a member of a Scout Patrol. You work as a team, helping each other, depending on each other and each having a say in decision making. Your Patrol will have from four to eight members, and be led by a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader. The Patrol Leader organises your meetings and takes part in Troop Council meetings with other Patrol Leaders.

Action in a Troop

Several Scout Patrols make up a Scout Troop. The Troop usually meets in a Scout Hall and is guided by a Scout Leader. Broad program planning, Troop management and routine business is handled by the Troop Council, which is made up of all Patrol Leaders and the Scout Leader.