Scouts Australia

Why choose Scouting?

Scouts in the Australian Capital Territory have a progressive program that is unique

No other organisation offers such a diverse variety of activities and experiences across such a broad age-range.

Youth members from 6 - 25 years old and volunteers from 18+ years old can join at any stage of Scouting. They participate in programs that encourage them to grow through adventure by experiencing new challenges, making new friends, building confidence, taking responsibility for themselves, and being provided with opportunities to explore their own abilities and interests.

Scouting is a journey built on an engaging youth program that is tailored to each individual. Each step in the journey has new adventures and challenges that are built on the skills, knowledge and experiences from the previous Section. On this journey, we make sure that the program provides opportunities that are adventurous, fun, challenging and inclusive.

So where ever you go, although local conditions may vary the content and delivery of Scouting, the values and oportunities remain the same.

Scout members take part in a large range of outdoor activities that are managed by a qualified member of Scouts ACT. From time to time Scout members have opportunities to attend  local, national or international Scouting event.

Whilst the list below is extensive, it is just an indicator and does not cover every activity that Scouts ACT may undertake:

Abseiling, Adventure Based Learning, Amateur Radio, Archery, Bushwalking, Canoeing, Canyoning, Caving, Climbing, Challenge Ropes, Crate stacking, Cycling, Driving, Hillwalking, Kayaking, Mountain biking, Musical ensembles, Off-road cycling, Orienteering, Raft building, Rowing, Sailing, Scuba diving, Skiing, Snorkeling, Snowboarding, Swimming, Theatrical performance, Yachting – windsurfing, small boats, inshore/offshore, White water rafting; And much more…