Scouts Australia

Scout Leader (18+ years old)

Scout Leaders are the main drivers of the Scouting program. There are many different roles available from working directly with the youth members to managing a Scout Group or being an activity specialist.  Below is a brief description of each role.

Group Leader:

The Group Leader is the chief of the Group, he/she will help give the Group direction, manage the Support Committee and ensuring that the Section Leaders are delivering the Scout program.

Assistant Group Leader:

This person assists the Group Leader with administration functions and fills in for the Group Leader from time to time.

Lisa – Group Leader

“...A mother approached me once after a Cub meeting and said, Thanks for talking my husband into being a Leader.  It has really brought the family closer together.  I'm so proud of him, he's having the time of his life, and our kids love that he's one of their Leaders."

Section Leaders

Section Leaders run the Scouting program each week. They are the ones who go away with the Scouts, sign off badge work and generally have a great time doing the activities with them. Being a Section Leader is the most rewarding and most popular volunteering role within Scouts. There are five sections (age groups) you can volunteer with.

Joey Scouts (5 - 8 years old)

Joey Scouts is the youngest age group in Scouting. Boys and girls aged 5 – 8 join what is called a Mob, made up of no more than 20 children. Joey Scout meetings are short and usually include light activities such as games, science experiments, arts and crafts, music etc. The Mob is led by at least two adult leaders, usually a Joey Scout Leader and an Assistant Joey Scout Leader

 Judy and Elizabeth - Joey Leaders

We volunteer with Scouts because we enjoy working with children, Joey Scouts especially. Helping them develop their own personal capabilities and watching them achieve something for the first time that they thought they couldn’t do is very satisfying. As Joey Scout Leaders not only do we help the children grow but we also grow by challenging ourselves and contributing to the community. We have fun every week and have made many friends.  


Cub Scouts (8 - 11 years old)

Cubs is one of our largest and most popular Sections. Cubs Scout enjoy an active program that encourages them to overcome challenges, is intellectually stimulating and what’s more, is adventurous. As a Cub Leader you will most likely find yourself going on some exciting weekend trips (i.e. caving, camping, canoeing etc.) and attending local events like our Cuboree.

 Mark – Cub Leader

"I became a Cub Scout Leader as my kids were in Joeys and Cubs and I wanted to be more active and do more things with them. I have enjoyed every minute of the experience. I love being an active member of the community and I've experienced great personal growth in my leadership, communication, mentoring and skill levels. Being a Cub Scout leader is the best way to be a part of your kids’ lives!"


Scouts (11 - 14 years old)

Volunteers who are very active and like getting outdoors will really enjoy the Scouts Section. One of the main focuses in the Scout Section is to provide character development and leadership, while at the same time providing an opportunity for fun activities such as hiking, abseiling and camping. Volunteers have a range of specialists whom they can call on to help with activities ranging from land, sea and air.

 Andrea – Scout Leader

“I am a Scout Leader, as it challenges me, gets me outdoors and because I enjoy being able to help Scouts develop into sensible, caring and energetic people who care (about) our environment and the world in which we live. I have been a Scout Leader for 8 years.”


Venturer Scouts (14 - 17 years old)

Venturers organise and run their own activities with leader support. Venturer Leaders are there to guide them and oversee their program.  The highest award in Venturers is the Queen's Scout. This award recognises people who can set their own challenging goals and achieve them.

 Jerry - Venturer Leader

"’s very rewarding watching youth mature and grow - constantly learning and turning into rounded young people… I take great pleasure in observing is definitely an element of living vicariously - we leaders often do the same activities as the youth members and what they get up to is heaps of fun"


Rover Scouts (18 - 25 years old)

Rover are self-run and meet with a Rover Advisor who guides them along their discovery journey. Rovers are actively encouraged to become better citizens through taking part in Scouts Australia's nationally accredited training programs, developing leadership skills, participating in outdoor activities, attending national and international events, providing service to the community and generally building their life skills.

 David – Rover Adviser

“Being a Rover Adviser is one of the most satisfying roles you can do in Scouting.  Working with wonderful men and women aged 18-25 years gives you immense satisfaction.  Being a mentor and role model, you participate in their development as they mature from being adolescents to confident young adults.  You are with them through their tears and their joys as they finish school, join the workforce, undertake an apprenticeship, commence university and become involved in relationships. You are there as a non-judgmental friend and guide.  There are plenty of fun times like 21st birthdays, weddings and baptisms.  I have been a Rover Adviser for 20 years and I absolutely love it”