Scouts Australia

Student Volunteer Program (15+ years old)

Students over the age of 15 years old can volunteer as Youth Helpers in the Joeys, Cubs or the Scouts section.  Youth Helpers assist the Section Leader with running activities and the youth program. Youth Helpers have to join Scouts as a member to be covered under our insurance policies. 

Scouts of the World (15-26 years old)

The Scouts of the World Award was launched in order to encourage a stronger involvement of youth (aged 15-26) in the development of society by making them more aware of the global issues concerning the world today. The Scouts of the World Award concerns global citizenship preparation for young adults and emphasises the three core themes environment, development and peace.

The Scouts of the World Award is operated by National Scout Organizations and is granted to everyone (Scouts and non-Scouts) who has successfully accomplished a “Scouts of the World Discovery” and a “Scouts of the World Voluntary Service”. The programme was developed keeping in mind Scouting’s contribution to the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and will continue to contribute to the Post 2015 development agenda.

The Scouts of the World Award is made up of two parts:

Scouts of the World Discovery

The Scouts of the World Discovery is a trip lasting several days, organised with a focus on environment, development or peace. This exploration should enable the participants to gain an in-depth knowledge of the issues involved within their chosen field, to identify possible solutions to a given problem and to plan and implement a connected project.

Scouts of the World Voluntary Service

A Scouts of the World Voluntary Service is a period of personal commitment to develop a community project, corresponding to the theme of the Scouts of the World Discovery. The Voluntary Service must be a sufficient number of days and can be served in one stretch or divided into different parts.