Scouts Australia

Cub Scouts (8-11 years old)

Cub Scouts is for boys and girls from 8 to 11 years of age, and gives them an opportunity to:

  •  Learn through participation in enjoyable activities and work as a contributing member of a team.
  •  Develop creative skills and fitness and prepare members for entering new, different and challenging environments.
  •  Develop an attitude of care and concern for others.
  •  Provide a feeling of achievement.
  •  Make choices and decisions, grow in self-discipline and self-respect and practice leadership skills.
  •  Accept the Cub Scout Promise and participate in activities which will provide a standard against which they measure themselves.
  •  Develop an awareness of God, and
  •  Develop an appreciation of the history and ideals of the Scout Movement.

The environment of the Cub Scout Pack shall be:

Caring * Sharing * Helping * Positive * Happy * Child oriented * Encouraging
* Open * Non-threatening * Accepting * Trusting * Secure * Non-judgmental * Comfortable.

Cub Scout Theme (Based on the Jungle Book)

A Cub Scout leader is known as Akela (the wolf - one who stands alone). Akela's helpers are known as Bagheera (the Panther - the teacher of hunting) and Baloo (the Bear - the teacher of jungle law). Cub Scouts relates to the Jungle Book, by the famous Rudyard Kipling. Cubs belong to Packs made up of six. Leaders of the Cub Pack usually have names also from the Jungle Book. Another very distinctive feature of how the Cub Scouts are related to the Jungle Book is the 'Grand Howl', a ceremony included in the opening and closing parade of each meeting.

Cub Scout sixes are led by a sixer. A Sixer is generally an older Cub Scout and is appointed by the Cub Scout Leader because of their known leadership qualities. The Sixer is liked and respected by others in the six. A Seconder is also an older Cub Scout chosen to aid the Sixer, eg. stand in for the Sixer and benefits from working with the Sixer.