Scouts Australia

Joey Scouts (5-8 years old)

Joey Scouts are the youngest section in the scouting family. Joeys Scouts is all about introducing boys and girls into the Scouting movement, but more importantly it is about giving children of this age encouragement in their physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development.

The Joey Scout section was developed in 1990 with learning areas including self, nature and helping other people while having fun.

Joey Scouts learn about the world around them through craft, games, stories, play-acting, singing, duty to my God, outdoor activities and ceremonies, all of which relate to the philosophy of Scouting in an atmosphere of co-operation and participation.

The educational outcome of the Joey section is to help the children develop:

  • a sense of sharing,
  • a sense of belonging,
  • a sense of personal identity through exploration of surroundings and nature,
  • a spiritual awareness,
  • and a sense of responsibility for one's self and one's actions.

The Joey Scout will find Joeys is enjoyable as they receive a community experience outside family and school. Joey Scouts is about learning while having fun. 


Help Other People - HOP 

Our activities give Joeys the opportunity to:

  • make something
  • be creative
  • try out new skills
  • make new friends
  • use their imagination
  • remember something they have learnt
  • join in fun and laughter
  • share with others
  • discover what they can do physically
  • discover what they can do mentally
  • explore some aspect of the natural world
  • enjoy participating and not necessarily win
  • enjoy and take part in entertainment
  • be part of a team working, discovering and playing together helping others and
  • be thankful for what they have