Scouts Australia

Canberra Gang Show


 The 2024 edition

Join us as we follow a bunch of unlikely heroes as they go on an epic road trip, bouncing across our wide brown land in search of the biggest attractions. Hijinx and road works ensue as they scramble to get to a show on time.

The Gang is moving back to Erindale Theatre to perform in July, allowing us to put on a bigger and better show, with plenty of opportunities on stage, behind the lighting desk, sewing machine or lipstick gun.

We are looking for youth members and adult support across the following areas

  • Cast (aged 11-30 at time of application)
  • Technical (Ages 14+) including Set Construction, Backstage, Lighting and Sound
  • Band (Ages 14+)
  • Make up and hair (Ages 14+)
  • Properties
  • Wardrobe
  • Welfare and security team (Ages 18+)
  • Front of House and support


Subscription cost for the show is $120 per gang member. Payment details will be sent through Operoo and full payment is due by April 6th.

Note: Those over 16 need a Working With Vulnerable People Card.

Click here to apply.

To learn more about Gang Show, inculding available roles and information on rehearals and performances, please click on the following links.

For any further information or queries please email